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Family Law, Divorce & Custody

Divorce Education & Orientation
In Utah, if you file for divorce and have children, the Court requires you to complete a divorce education and a divorce orientation course before you can be given temporary orders or be granted a divorce. This link provides you with the information to take the courses online or in person

Self-help Resources

Collaborative Divorce
Learn more about the Collaborative Divorce, an alternative process designed to help you resolve a divorce or other family matter outside of the Court system.

Utah Divisions of Child and Family Services

Substance Abuse Assessments
Oftentimes criminal cases involving alcohol and/or drug related charges will require a substance abuse assessment, other charges may require some classes or programs. Click here to learn more about substance abuse assessments conducted online and other resources for frequently used programs.

Criminal Law

Utah Criminal Processes

Utah Criminal Penalties

Expungement Information

Ethical Assessments & Resources for Probation Requirements

Civil Litigation, Protection, & Assistance

Protective Order Information and Forms

Stalking Injunction Information and Forms

Domestic Violence Hotline
They can help you find emergency housing, medical care, and support and advocacy for you and your children. Call toll-free: 800-897-5465

Transactional Law

Information about Pre/Post nuptial Agreements

Information on Forming a Business Entity


Collaborative Family Law

Learn More about Collaborative Family Law

FAQ’s on a Collaborative Divorce


Mediation Services

Learn More about Utah Dispute Resolution

What is Mediation?